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Episode 9 | We interview the writing, producing, and showrunning duo Dawn Prestwich and Nicole Yorkin, who explain how to cultivate a successful writers room. They dive into their method for outlining a story and figuring out its beats while working with a writing partner. Plus, they give insider stories about filming “Hit & Run” in Israel and being writers/executive producers on the hit Netflix show “The Killing”.

   The Show

Welcome to the About Story podcast where we talk about…story!


Join author and filmmaker Nathan Johnson, and guests, as they dive into stories that shape the books, films, and TV shows you love. Through meaningful conversations with successful storytellers, unwrap the elements of story to better build your own.




Nathan Johnson

Executive Producer & Host

Nathan has storytelling in his blood. He grew up breaking down films and TV shows with his family and brainstorming new story ideas with his brother. He comes from a family that coaches upcoming writers, teaches English, and writes books and screenplays.

Nathan is the author of sci-fi novel, Killer Mind. His wedding videography business, Eternal Legacy, focuses on capturing the story and legacy of newlyweds. Nothing makes him happier than sitting down with a good friend and talking about...story.


Rachel Autumn

Marketing & Brand Director

As Nathan's little sister, Rachel also grew up (surprise!) in a storytelling family. While she does write, her main creative outlets are acting and marketing.


As an actor, she loves to be part of telling a screenwriter's story, bringing ink and paper to life. Recently graduated with a Bachelor's in Marketing Communications, Rachel enjoys telling the story of brands through social media, website design, and digital marketing.

She views her whole life through the lens of a writer and is always ready to talk about...story.

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